Removing Pet Odour the Eco Friendly Way

Removing Pet Odour the Eco Friendly Way

Having a pet around the house just brings a fuzzy feeling inside, doesn’t it? A little furry friend running around the home, enjoying life as you should do yourself, growing in front of your eyes as you take care of it and learn to love its company – what is there not to like, right? Well, some people would argue that pets do come with their cons, and many of these cons are smelly, to say the least. Pet odours can be quite various and many of them are felt around the house and for a long period even after you cleaned them up. You have to learn to battle them early, otherwise they become a problem and even the most thorough house cleaning won’t save you from that specific smell that some urine stains can leave behind. But you should also battle that in a green way, lest you want a chemical infestation in the house – and not to mention that you don’t want your pet sniffing up the toxins from the spot you just cleaned (and you know it will sniff). Here are the best methods to do just that:

Baking Soda

Naturally, we start with the best of home cleaners, baking soda. Its wide range of applications even comes to save the day with pet odours. But joking aside, it is indeed a great weapon against smells. Baking soda is a great odour-killer and if you learn to make soda paste (one part water, two parts soda), you will have the supplies you need to scrub away both the stain and the smell. You just need to locate the source and apply this green cleaner.

Another good use of baking soda is in combination with hydrogen peroxide. This is perfect for urine smells as it cuts deeply into the stain and abolishes the smell right away. You just need a towel, dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and a cup of baking soda. Mix, stir, then take a dry towel to absorb the liquid from the urine, and then apply the mixture to the stain to remove it outright. Simple as that.

Citrus Solutions

And you can also battle one smell with a wholly different smell. You need a bottle of water, some brown sugar, a cup of lemon, orange or grapefruit peel scraps. Put all these all in a spray bottle, shake viciously and then spray on top of the smelly spot. Wait for the citric acid to do its magic and then rub away at any stains that could be left behind. Spray again and this time let it dry out naturally. Citric fruits are excellent for tackling smells since their acid eats through any and all kinds of material and leaves a citric smell behind, which means that it practically replaces the bad odour with a fresh fragrance.

Steam Cleaning

This one is a double-edged sword and you should be careful how you use it. The steam cleaners are indeed great home cleaning tools and they do a brilliant job, but that does not apply every time. Some carpet surfaces, for instance, absorb more urine that you’d like and if you apply hot steam, it will remove the smell, but the ammonia in the urine will leave a really bad stain behind. And what’s worse, the stain will be set, so that either means covering the spot up, or making use of professional cleaning services to get rid of it. But for any other pet odour, steamers are just as perfect of a tool as baking soda, even easier to use. They are organic in terms of cleaning and only require water to operate.

Disinfecting Cleaner

And here is yet another method, this time with vinegar. Take a spray bottle; add half a cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol. Spray the stain and rub a bit if there is something to remove. Then spray some more and both the ingredients in the mixture will interact to create the ultimate disinfectant and stain removal solution. Usually both of them are strong disinfectants on their own, but combined they will kill off any germ that lives on this part of your floor or carpet, and they will also leave a clean area behind so that when the cat or dog returns to sniff the spot, there will be nothing to worry about in terms of germs.

Use any one of these methods and your home will not have to smell like pet urine at all. Every one of them is specific to battling both stain and smell, so your home will be kept clean easily if you are persistent with looking for the source and doing the house cleaning required of you to remove the stain. And after that you can have all the fun you want with the pet.