10 Amazing Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

10 Amazing Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Many people around the globe need to consume coffee before they start their day. If you consider yourself to be among those people who can’t survive without their morning cup of coffee then probably you can take advantage of this habit of yours and make use of the leftover coffee grounds.

Take a look at the list of handy recycling tips for coffee grounds so that you can enjoy coffee grounds even after you have had your cup of coffee!

Junk removal from you house is necessary but you will quit throwing coffee grounds after seeing the purposes they can serve after being used.

1. Exfoliate your skin with coffee grounds

To exfoliate your skin and remove those dead skin cells off, you can use coffee grounds with your favorite oil. Scrub your skin this way every once in a while for the best results.

2. Pest repellant

Did you know that you can use coffee grounds as pest repellants? If you have a beautiful garden that you’d like to protect from ants and slugs then you can sprinkle some used coffee ground around your flowers and plants.

3. Deodorize your fridge, freezer and cabinets

To neutralize odors in the fridge, freezer and other food cabinets you can place some used coffee ground in the particular area. Let it sit for a week and you will notice that coffee ground is, in fact, a great odor eater!

4. Coffee ground as a gardener’s helper

Coffee grounds are loaded with the ingredients that help a garden get fertilized. Put coffee ground around your garden and watch your vegetables grow as time goes by.

5. Make your kitchen clean

Since coffee ground is a natural abrasive, by putting it on a washing cloth you will be able to clean some tricky areas of your kitchen. You can clean your counter tops, sink and cabinets from where stains don’t seem to leave.

6. DIY coffee ground candles

Coffee has an amazing aroma and if you wish to smell it in your house everyday then you can make candles with the leftover coffee ground.

7. Get rid of ant hills

To get rid of ants or ant hills, put coffee ground around places where you don’t want them and you won’t see ants again!

8. Clean out the fireplace

As mentioned earlier that coffee ground is a natural abrasive, it will help you make the fireplace cleaner. The process of cleaning up will become less messy and easier with coffee grounds.

9. Coffee ground as a rejuvenating facial

In addition to being an amazing exfoliate, coffee ground also works as a rejuvenating facial. Mix coffee ground with milk, cream and honey for the best results and apply it to your face.

10. Coffee ground crafts

There are a lot of crafts that you can make with the help of coffee ground. You can use coffee ground to get a beautiful yellow dye. Use it to color crafts. You can also turn plain white paper into a beautiful and unique parchment paper.